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Interview With Identity Thinker, Arwen Smit

– Think Digital Partners

Arwen Smit, author of Identity Reboot, on the necessity of using self-sovereign forms of identity in order to have control over our data

In this interview, Smit explains how governments, companies and individuals all have different interests when it comes to data. This means that despite huge amounts of our data being collected by various parties, it is often at risk, while we don’t have any single trusted form of digital ID.

“People are no longer in control of who knows who they are, nor can they always reliably prove it themselves. What we actually need, then, is for identification to be viable, data to be useful, and for people, with dignity, to control their information.”

Smit highlights that trusted identity must be at the root of online interactions, and argues that the Cambridge Analytica scandal is a harbinger of things to come in the fight for data privacy.

Because data privacy is multi-dimensional, ranging from the artificial intelligence race to censorship to facial recognition to what information you, your children and your parents inadvertently share on a daily basis, there is no one size fits all solution. How do you fight a hydra with that many heads?

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