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Integrating Aadhaar and Voter ID Data: Promises and Dangers

– IDFC Institute

A paper arguing against the proposed merging of India’s biometric ID system Aadhaar, and voter election cards

The authors write that the Indian government is considering merging Aadhaar and voter information, with the intention of increasing accuracy in electoral rolls and enabling migrant workers to vote away from home. But the proposed policy has glaring issues, they state, including legal and privacy concerns.

“The proposal fails to specify the extent of data sharing between the two databases, the methods through which consent will be obtained, and whether consent to link the databases can be revoked.”

The authors also note that the proposed integration would not reduce the risk of voter fraud, and would work to further disenfranchise voters who lack the correct identification.

In 2019, Justice B.N. Srikrishna, Chairman of the Committee that drafted the Personal Data Protection Bill, called the ECI’s proposal to link the two databases ‘most dangerous,’ arguing that ‘if [the government] can collate the data, [it] can profile human beings

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