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The Inevitable Return to Self-Sovereign Identity

– Evernym

In this viewpoint, Andrew Tobin of Evernym explains why our frictionless, user-powered future lies in self-sovereign identity led by the Sovrin Protocol

Tobin takes readers through the history of digital identity and credential development, the principles of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), the technical aspects of the Sovrin Protocol, and the potential of self-sovereign identity in the future. Tobin explains that we are now living in a “Chasm of Chaos,” in which

"...everything you know about digital identity is a work-around, developed while we figure out how to do things properly and enable everyone to issue, hold, and verify digital credentials."

But he also explains that through improving self-sovereign credentials issuing and use, society can embrace privacy, security, convenience, and user control.

The era of assigning meaningless identifiers to people is over. It’s time to power-up our digital credentials

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