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Is India's Digital ID System, Aadhaar, a Tech Solution for a Socio-Economic Problem?

– Global Voices

How Aadhaar, India’s biometric ID system, is reinforcing racial biases

The author explains how originally, Aadhaar was designed to enhance inclusion but it has actually deepened inequality, putting marginalized and vulnerable groups further at risk, and unable to access vital services.

“Technology, particularly in India, cannot be discussed without bringing up systemic racial discrimination.”

For example, 104 million Adivasis are excluded due to the fact there is no information about Aadhaar in their native language. Furthermore, during the National Register of Citizens (NRC), 1.9 million Muslims in the state of Assam were declared illegal, and so were not issued Aadhaar IDs.

The NRC exercise came to a momentary halt because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but new waves of terror began to unfold among those who have been declared illegal

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