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India Plans to Build an All-Seeing Database to Track Citizens’ Every Move By 2021

– The Next Web

India's plans to build a huge database that would keep track of the movements and milestones of its residents

From moving cities to getting married, information about 1.2 billion people living in India would be recorded in a new database that critics have said would be susceptible to misuse.

“The Indian government is already facing a lot of international pressure for its policies related to surveillance and citizen monitoring.”

India’s highest court ruled in 2018 that Aadhaar, a biometric database of all citizens, should not be used by private companies and only used by the government to distribute welfare. But proposals around the new database could circumvent these safeguards.

If there aren’t enough checks and balances to contain unlimited data collections, this new database might become another tool for the government to snoop on its citizens

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