ID2020 Summit 2019

– ID2020

ID2020 - a non-profit organisation committed to improving lives through digital identity - announces its annual summit entitled ‘Rising to the Good ID Challenge’

The ID2020 Alliance has announced its annual summit - ‘Rising to the Good ID Challenge’ - which will focus on “collaboration and learning around the required elements to fulfill the Alliance’s principles of “good” digital identity.”

Discussions will focus on how to uphold the principles of Good ID, decentralization, the role of cities in the development of ID systems, and how to remove silos and streamline ID solutions.

ID2020 will also use the summit to announce the first recipients of the ID2020 Technical Certification Mark which focuses on eight areas: applicability, identification and verification, authentication, privacy and control, attestations and trust, interoperability, recovery and redress, and openness.

Stakeholders from across the digital ID ecosystem, including government leaders, technologists, civil society advocates and development organizations, will gather for intimate, candid discussions around digital identity

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