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Identity Verification: Is Your Potential Employee Who They Say They Are?

– Security Boulevard

With many companies now working remotely, verifying the identities of job applicants could help them avoid becoming the victim of cybercrime

The article highlights the risk of cybercriminals infiltrating businesses by posing as potential new hires. It suggests that employers outsource identity verification to companies that specialize in this field, in order to minimize the risk of being fooled.

“As easy as it is to steal identity or create a fake digital persona, simply accepting documents and credentials without verification sets up the company for higher levels of insider threats as well as failure of compliance regulations.”

The author states that HR should work together with cybersecurity and IT teams to minimize the risk of fraud, and points out that developments in biometrics including facial recognition technology will increase the success rate of identity verification.

People hide behind digital identities all the time. It is necessary to make sure organizations are certain they know the true person on the other side of the webcam before any final hiring decisions are made

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