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Identity, Technology and their Confluence: Governmentality in the Digital Age

– Law, Technology and Humans

An exploration of how new technology has changed the relationship between individuals and the state 

The article examines the ways in which 21st century technology has impacted society, and how people are using it to counter state powers. It looks in detail at cryptocurrency, fake news, and online anonymity.

“This desire to act without an identity is another form of self-expression. It is not, simply, an expression of a desire for privacy; instead, it is better seen as an active attempt to avoid surveillance or to circumvent the requirements of another entity.”

The paper argues that the constant gathering of our data we encounter online, as well as state surveillance in the form of facial recognition, has fundamentally reshaped our understanding of privacy.

It appears that a society that includes the extensive use of digital networks, and algorithms, is a society that is governed under what can be seen to be a new family of governmentality. That is, the new technologies have facilitated changed relationships between the individual and the entities that govern them

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