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Identity in a Digital World

– World Economic Forum

In its latest insight report, WEF provides a stock-take of the digital identity landscape and proposes 5 key elements to help ensure user-centric identity systems

As part of its Shaping the Future of Digital Economy and Society work strand, this new report – Identity in a Digital World – provides a useful primer on the growing presence of digital identity in all our lives, with practical examples of the sectors and purposes in which we most commonly see it being put to use.

Identity in our everyday lives – courtesy of WEF

In their own words from the abstract:

"At the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2018 in Davos, a diverse group of public and private stakeholders committed to shared cooperation on advancing good, user-centric digital identities. Since then, a broader group of stakeholders joined this conversation: experts, policy-makers, business executives, practitioners, rights advocates, humanitarian organizationsand civil society. This publication reflects their collective insights, synthesized and translated into a format useful for decision-makers and practitioners. It takes stock of where we are today and identifies gaps in coordination across sectors and stakeholders. It outlines what we’ve learnt to date on what user-centricity means and how to uphold it in practice. It attempts to offer a shared working agenda for leaders: an initial list of immediate-term priority actions that demand cooperation. It reflects, in short, the first stage in collective learning and the creation of shared goals and paths."

World Economic Forum

As well as flagging the inherent potential and pitfalls digital identity offers, the paper puts forward 5 key elements to help build useful, user-centric identity that provides maximum value to ID-holders.

The five key elements of designing user-centric digital identity – courtesy of WEF

And it goes further still – offering best practices for digital ID designers, as well as 6 key areas for public-private cooperation to help shape good ID of the future.