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Identity Hubs as Personal Datastores

– Microsoft Tech Community

This blog post by Alex Simons announces Microsoft’s intent to contribute code to the Decentralized Identity Foundation Identity Hub’s open source reference implementation

Simons, Corporate Vice President of Program Management in Microsoft’s Identity Division, reviews the concept of an “Identity Hub,” and the specs behind it, including its semantic data model, commits, permissions, encryption, replication, and privacy.

He also walks readers through what is currently available through Identity Hub’s open source reference and what can be expected over the next few months.

The Identity Hub is intended to change the corporate position on identification systems and will allow for a technical self-owned identity framework in the future that all companies, governments and users can build on.

Each of us needs a digital identity we own, one which securely and privately stores all elements of our digital identity. This self-owned identity must be easy to use and give us complete control over how our identity data is accessed and used

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