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Identification for Development it is not. 'Inclusive and Trusted Digital ID can Unlock Opportunities for the World's Most Vulnerable'

– ResearchGate

In this downloadable citation, Jaap van der Straaten, CEO at the Civil Registration Centre for Development (CRC4D), reviews a July 2019 World Bank blog post on digital ID

In the abstract provided, van der Straarten explains how his citation examines and challenges the favorable claims made about the benefits of digital ID, and how there is no satisfactory, robust evidence for these claims, stating:

“In this review we look at costs and benefits of digital ID in a more formal format, by looking at a number of relevant studies of benefits and costs of digital ID (and digital society) for the world, India, the United States, Haïti, Ireland, the Netherlands, Uganda, the United Kingdom and Zambia.”

He also explains how the 'biometrics revolution' is seen as a magic wand for the Sustainable Development Goals objective of ’legal identity for all by 2030'.

People's rights to a legal identity are secondary, or, at best, will trickle down in the process

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