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Identification and Identity from 0–18

– Caribou Digital

  • Case study
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 19 June 2020

This collection of case studies and stories from Caribou Digital chronicles its research and work on childhood identity

The aggregation in Medium explores identification issues for those aged 0-18 from a variety of angles, including a general primer on identity for children in a digital age. As the primer notes:

“There is an intense (and much-needed) focus on the identification of children, particularly on birth registration. At the same time, while children are at risk of not being identified, there is equal concern that they are at risk of being too identified . . . Our research showed that identification and identity are interlinked and each impacts the other with major consequences for children and the adults they become.”

The Caribou Digital researchers also share specific case studies from Kenya, Lebanon, Brazil, and Thailand, including:

Early financial inclusion can lead to exclusion: experiences of Kenyan youth and Confusing biometric ID experiences at a young age: voices from Thailand

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