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Identification and Identity for Children in a Digital Age

– Caribou Digital

The first of five blogs from Savita Bailur and Hélène Smertnik on their research into the tension children face between identity and identification, with examples from Brazil, Kenya, Lebanon, and Thailand

Bailur and Smertnik note that “identification” includes proof, systems, and transactions about verifying who a child is, whereas “identity” includes the interaction and relationship between the child and the people or institutions around them.

“...we need to discuss this tension between identification and identity more, especially for children who may be struggling or who will not understand the implications until they’re older.”

Both identity and identification, the authors note, contribute to the problems children face as they grow into adulthood.

While children are at risk of not being identified, there is equal concern that they are at risk of being too identified . . . through social media, the data being collected about them, and profiling from birth

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