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ID2020: Our Manifesto

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  • 28 August 2019

ID2020 published an Alliance Manifesto with its partners setting out the 10 core principles of its mission

ID2020, a nonprofit public-private partnership whose purpose is to improve people’s lives through digital identity, has published an Alliance Manifesto setting out 10 core principles of its mission. Partner ID2020 organisations include Microsoft, UNHCR, Accenture, CARE and Simprints.

The principles aim to lay the groundwork for the Alliance’s success and cover proving identity as a human right, how digital identity systems are designed and implemented, and the importance of a common monitoring and evaluation framework.

David Treat, Managing Director at partner Accenture, said:

"The ID2020 Alliance Manifesto sets forth a shared vision for, and commitment to, digital identity that brings together advances in biometrics and innovative technologies, like blockchain, with expertise from business, government and non-government agencies to ensure we have meaningful impact at scale."

Karl Steinacker, Deputy Director of the Division of Programme Support and Management at partner UNHCR, said:

"When it is too dangerous or impossible for individuals to rely on governments for identity documents — such as in the case of refugees, forcibly displaced, and stateless persons — the world has a moral imperative to provide an alternative."

First and foremost among these principles is the fundamental belief that identity is a universal human right, and that all individuals must have the ability to prove and assert who they are

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