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ID2020: 2018 End of Year Letter

– ID2020

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 29 July 2019

ID2020 - a non-profit organisation committed to improving lives through digital identity - highlights its key achievements of 2018 and challenges to overcome in 2019, in this open letter published via Medium

This overview of ID2020’s work in 2018 covers “The Promises of Digital Identity” roundtable at Davos, the first two ID2020 supported pilot projects in Thailand and Indonesia and the annual ID2020 Summit. It also highlights the central focus ID2020 are now putting on “good” digital identity and the Alliance’s aim to “drive meaningful, cross-sectoral alignment around privacy and user-centricity.”

The importance of good digital identity is woven throughout the review of 2018 with reference to the “Good Identity” Summit and resulting manifesto. Other standout takeaways from 2018 include a $1M pledge from Microsoft to the Alliance, an ID2020 open portal where organisations can submit project ideas and apply for Alliance support, and the addition of new Alliance partners.

ID2020 also lays out its intention to focus on four areas in 2019:

1) refugees, forcibly displaced, and stateless persons

2) medical records, especially for maternal and child health

3) financial inclusion

4) digital identity in the context of cities.

An ongoing focus for the year has been translating the principles of the ID2020 Alliance partners into clear parameters for “good” digital identity and building alignment around these principles

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