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ID Card with Security Features, Biometrics Under Consideration in Guyana

– Stabroek News

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 25 February 2020

Guyana President David Granger recently announced the South American country is considering a new identification card

The Stabroek News service reports that the government is considering a single identification card that can be used for ‘all’ government transactions in Guyana:

“ will be able to be used for transactions including receipt of NIS pensions, payment of taxes, social security, immigration and admission to schools”

The Stabroek team also reported that the government is concerned about security, and is exploring biometric and other security options, with the president noting his concern about regional migration and citizenship:

Guyana is a friendly country with hospitable people, but we must be able to discern between legal and illegal aliens. The work of the Department of Citizenship enables this to happen,’ Granger said

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