Photo: Shuttertock / Sonia Dhankhar

ID For All: Digital Identity in Developing Nations

– Biometric Update

Global biometrics news outlet, BiometricUpdate, takes an in-depth look at digital identity in developing countries

In this collection of reports and articles, brings together biometrics reportage from ID4Africa 2019 in Johannesburg and International Identity Day (September 16) which the organization supports as an official coalition partner.

The collection also includes an in-depth section on Aadhaar, an ID4D-specific glossary of terms, and features on DR Congo, Togo, Costa Rica, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana.

With UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 calling for legal identity for all by 2030 Biometric Update is taking a special in-depth focus on digital ID projects in developing countries including daily coverage of biometrics-based national digital identity projects

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