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ICE Drops $3.9M For Trust Stamp’s Facial Recognition, London Met Taps NEC for $4.2M

– Biometric Update

Developments in facial recognition for policing and border security in the UK and US

Biometrics company Trust Stamp has signed a contract with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to establish a facial recognition system in migrant detention centers.

“While the scope of the collaboration between ICE and Trust Stamp is not yet fully clear, the move hints at a renewed interest of the agency in the deployment of biometric solutions for border law enforcement.”

In London, the Metropolitan Police (the Met) is implementing a facial recognition search tool that will be able to process images of suspects from CCTV and social media, and match them against its internal database. This follows controversy in early 2020 caused by the Met's announcement that it would begin using facial recognition in public spaces.

The recent Mayor of London’s office proposal, however, seems to hint at a contrast in the government’s approach to forensic facial recognition solutions’ deployment in the city

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