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‘I Have Every Right to be Here’: EU Nationals in UK Already Facing Difficulty with Digital-Only Status Amid Warnings of ‘Crisis’ Ahead

– The Independent

Reporting for The Independent, May Bulman highlights the issues of the United Kingdom’s digital-only identity scheme for EU citizens resident within its borders

Bulman reports how the scheme’s ambitious digital-only credentials have caused problems for citizens in a world where paper documents still rule.

“A review into the scheme by the Government Digital Service in 2018 found the digital-only system would cause low digital users 'a lot of issues', with some unlikely to be able to use the online service 'at all'."

Bulman relays that individuals have experienced issues with property letting or receiving visas. European advocates and activists note that these issues may become more widespread and could especially impact the elderly, disabled or digitally illiterate.

While the world inevitably becomes more digital, we need to make sure that those who struggle or face problems do not fall through the cracks in the meantime

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