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I Am Whoever You Say I Am


Explaining why the UK government needs to develop a digital identity solution, and what it must consider first

The author outlines why a digital identity is necessary, as well as the fears that some people have around letting either the government, or tech giants, be in control of their virtual identity.

“With central control you risk a situation that echoes the words of the 90s enfant terrible of rap, Marshall Mathers, ‘I am whoever you say I am’, where the individual is a passive recipient of digital identity rather than an empowered citizen.”

Burrell writes how countries such as Estonia have issued a digital ID to every citizen, but this requires every citizen to possess a unique ID card or number, which the UK government has not implemented, and which he believes would stir up a great amount of controversy. He also stipulates that a digital identity solution must empower the individual, be secure, and protect privacy.

Asserting your identity online does not have to come at the expense of your privacy and you should not have to depend on a state service or any one data source to do so

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