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How Unique Digital Identity Numbers Can Help to Securely Deliver Services Remotely

– Thales

Jaume Dubois summarizes discussions from the recent ID4Africa webinar on the need for unique digital identities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Dubois relays the benefits of using unique digital identity numbers, while noting many webinar participants were concerned about potential for discrimination or other “malicious purposes”.

“Many African countries for example have been implementing them as part of their national identity programs. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly emphasized the need to accelerate the deployment of unique identities to allow citizens to access the social and economic benefits they’re entitled to.”

Dubois also shares potential successes in the unique identifier space, like ALIAS identification numbers and other uses of tokenization.

Importantly, alias identification numbers can put the control back in the hands of individuals by allowing them autonomy over their personal data and to decide who can see the link between identifiers. Therefore, there is no need to choose between one unique identifier and several, it’s possible to have both at the same time and enjoy their benefits while mitigating the risks

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