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How Togo is Using Mobile and Satellite Data to Reach the Vulnerable

– GovInsider

Togo to utilize mobile and satellite data for the distribution of financial aid

With the pandemic, it has become even more important that aid reaches those that need it most. The Togo government rolled out the NOVISSI aid program last April, but found difficulties reaching its rural population. In this article, Cina Lawson, Togo’s Minister of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation, explains how they used mobile and satellite data to overcome this challenge.

In the absence of a social registry, Togo turned to machine learning to analyse satellite images and mobile phone data. This helped the government identify citizens in urgent need of financial aid, and funds were distributed over mobile phones.

Lawson explains that they used a two stage approach. First, the team used AI to analyze the quality of features such as roofs and roads to determine poverty levels across the region. In the second phase, the team identified vulnerable individuals to receive aid using mobile data.

In Togo, we are inspired by the Indian experience and counting on our ID project to boost the economy by empowering those who did not have proof of identity to access financial and economic opportunities

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