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How Team Diversity Can Change the Way Identity Systems Are Built

– Biometric Update

A recap of Women in Identity’s recent webinar on diversity, hosted by Savita Bailur and Emrys Schoemaker from Caribou Digital

The webinar discussed the importance of diversity in building identity systems. Without this, there may be a lack of awareness of what tools will exclude vulnerable populations.

“According to the World Bank, [Bailur] said, some 45 percent of women around the world do not even have a foundational ID. This type of exclusion is a result of a number of obstacles such as no access, ownership and society’s expectations.”

Schoemaker argues that biometric facial recognition could be a tool towards providing ID for groups that are currently excluded from formal types of documentation, but notes that the systems can be subject to the bias of their creators.

Digital identity systems are not tailored to meet the needs of all citizens, because there is a lack of diversity. Diversity is highly important in building identity products, because only a diverse team can bring the necessary life experience to develop a holistic tool

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