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How to Make Digital Identity a Success: Insights and Learnings from Seven Digital ID Schemes

– Mobey Forum

  • Report
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 27 February 2020

This report from Mobey Forum examines the role of digitalization and the need to establish robust, secure and user-friendly ways of verifying individual identities

Mobey Forum’s Digital ID Expert Group studied seven of the most prominent digital ID schemes across Europe and North America and examined  issues relating to the end-user, such a

“What does an optimal user experience look like? What are the most relevant services for the population?”

It also focused on the extent to which digital services support local activities while at the same time enable borderless, global lives online, finding that:

“Interoperability remains distant, and long-term collaboration will be needed to achieve it.”

The report concludes by turning its attention to global, networked firms like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba/Alipay, Mastercard and Visa, which are likely to adopt critical roles in enabling and facilitating digital ID schemes in the near future, potentially usurping the advantageous position banks currently hold in this area:

Like so many other industries, these hugely powerful players have serious potential to upend the global market for digital ID. With millions of subscribed customers, no cross-border interoperability challenges to overcome, and a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the digital space, they have the potential to disintermediate other parties like banks from the digital ID value chain.

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