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How Estonia’s Digital Society Became a Lifeline During COVID-19

– World Economic Forum

Why Estonia was well-equipped to deal with the disruption of COVID-19

This article outlines how Estonia’s digital infrastructure was invaluable during the pandemic, as it meant the country could switch to remote schooling almost immediately. The vast majority of its public services were already available online, while e-prescriptions allowed medical professionals more time to focus on tackling the pandemic.

“But Estonia’s digital success didn’t happen overnight. It was the result of decades of investment and experimentation, and is about much more than technology. The key ingredient is trust.”

Estonia’s success was made possible through its digital identity system. Estonia’s citizens are in control of their own data and who has access to it, while there are stringent laws in place surrounding privacy.

In the current crisis, trust and foresight have paid off. Estonia’s success is often presented as a groundbreaking digital project. But it is really about a shared vision, inclusiveness, fairness and respect for individual rights

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