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How Do You Design an E-Voting Platform?

– The Ballot

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • Via Linda Kinstler (The Ballot)
  • 1 May 2020

An interview with Tarvi Martens, the head architect of Estonia's e-government system

Estonia is a digital society, with 99% of services taking place online, including voting in elections. Citizens verify their identity through unique digital identity cards, and this article discusses how the country managed to implement such a complete digital system.

“You have to have two ingredients: one is political will, the second is solid, secure, widely-used electronic identity. If you have those, you can do it.”

Martens writes that the Estonian X-Road, a secure data exchange platform, protects people’s data. Every government agency holds their data separately, meaning a malicious actor can’t access someone’s complete identity.

Internet voting isn’t something you can introduce momentarily. The pre-condition is that you have a working electronic identity environment that is available to everyone, and actually used. Internet voting is just one application of electronic identity. Digital signatures benefit society much more than i-voting

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