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How Digital Identity Systems Can Be Used to Reduce Fraud and Change the World

– Yogonet

How biometrically-linked digital identities can drastically reduce the risk of identity fraud, while furthering the social inclusion of people who do not have formal identification

This article lays out a number of principles that any good digital identity system should fulfil, including how users must give their consent for their data to be collected, and that each individual must only have one identity in the system.

“The system should contain safeguards that ensure optimum security and privacy while also allowing the user to have control over their data, who has access to it, and who has accessed it. They should also be able to delete it when they choose.”

The author believes that, given it is nearly impossible to create fraudulent biometric credentials, biometric identity systems could one day eliminate the risk of fraud.

Digital ID systems have the power to remove the need for physical passports and identity documents, thereby reducing fraud, identity theft, and counterfeiting issues

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