This is How Digital ID Systems Could Help the Most Vulnerable

– World Economic Forum

  • Viewpoint
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 28 August 2020

In this piece for the World Economic Forum and Project Syndicate, Mari Elka Pangestu highlights the digital identity opportunities that COVID-19 has exposed

Pangestu notes digital ID systems could support the most vulnerable populations - especially when social distancing or isolation are required.

“COVID-19 has tested the ability of governments to deliver financial and other forms of support to vulnerable people... But in some countries, digital ID systems have enabled the authorities to identify populations reliably and remotely, and to make emergency cash transfers to vulnerable groups – such as women and girls, the poor, informal and migrant workers, people living in remote areas, and refugees.”

Using examples from Chile, Thailand, Estonia and Singapore, Pangestu argues that digital ID systems must be inclusive as well as accessible, with data protection, governance and public benefit at the forefront.

As countries focus on “building back better” after the pandemic, they have a crucial opportunity to leapfrog to a more digital economy – and to do so responsibly. Whichever model they choose, governments can transform the lives of people everywhere by building digital ID systems designed to maximize privacy, inclusion, and trust

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