Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action


The ICRC has published a practical handbook on data protection in humanitarian settings, taking into consideration guidelines, principles, working procedures, and practices that apply in humanitarian emergencies

The ICRC’s handbook reviews topics, tools, and practices that affect human rights and require data protection, like biometrics, mobile messaging apps, social media, blockchain use, connectivity as aid, artificial intelligence, and more.

“In suggesting how data protection principles should be applied by humanitarian organizations, this handbook builds on existing guidelines, working procedures and practices that have been established in humanitarian action in the most volatile environments and for the benefit of the most vulnerable victims of armed conflicts, other situations of violence, natural disasters, pandemics and other humanitarian emergencies (together 'humanitarian emergencies').”

The handbook will be launched at a digital, all-day event on September 1, 2020, hosted by ICRC organizations across the globe from Tokyo to Bogota, featuring dozens of speakers on seven thematic discussion panels.

The Handbook seeks to raise awareness and assist Humanitarian Organizations in ensuring that they comply with Personal Data protection standards in carrying out humanitarian activities, by providing specific guidance on the interpretation of data protection principles in the context of Humanitarian Action, particularly when new technologies are employed

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