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Hacker Steals Government ID Database For Argentina's Entire Population

– The Record

Sensitive data on Argentina's citizens compromised in government hack

A hacker has breached the government’s National Registry of Persons and has stolen the identities of the entire Argentinian population. The database stores national ID cards, digital IDs, and highly sensitive information, and the hacker later confirmed this to also include photos, addresses, full names, and citizen numbers. The hack first came to light when an anonymous Twitter account uploaded the ID cards of 44 national celebrities.

“This included details for the country’s president Alberto Fernández, multiple journalists and political figures, and even data for soccer superstars Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero.”

This article uncovers details of the incident through exclusive contact with the hacker. Initially the government denied a data breach, instead suggesting it was an internal leak. However, The Record confirmed with the hacker that they hold the full database.

“Maybe in a few days I’m going to publish [the data of] 1 million or 2 millon people,” the RENAPER hacker told The Record earlier today. They also said they plan to continue selling access to this data to all interested buyers

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