Photo: / Artem Oleshko

Guard Digital Identity With Artificial Intelligence

– Forbes

With a rise in cybercrime and identity theft, using AI to protect digital identity could be the solution

This article highlights how the automobile, insurance, and entertainment industries, as well as educational sector, and E-commerce, are most at risk from fraud through identity theft.

"In order to protect data, digital identities need to meet a stricter set of security regulations. Stolen identities can allow criminals to impersonate someone else and access secured resources. Depending on the scale of the crime and company, this could have a massive impact."

The use of AI technology could be developed to effectively work against criminal enterprise, in order to prevent identity theft, protect air passengers, analyze telecoms networks, reduce financial fraud, and use biometric authentication.

Fortunately, AI has the power to save the world from digital identity fraud… systems are entirely likely to end the reign of the individual hacker since they are already able to detect possible security flaws in the code even before a software program has been released

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