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Group Seeks Special Law For Digital Technology Procurements in Nigeria

– International Centre for Investigative Reporting

An organization is urging the Nigerian government to draft a law around procurement of digital technologies

The Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC) said that government bodies dodged the Public Procurement Act to bid for digital technologies such as AI, facial recognition, and digital ID, with details of the biddings illegally kept secret from citizens and civil society.

“The organization said when eventually procured, many of the devices end up infringing on the rights of people in the country when installed or being used.”

The absence of specific laws around procuring digital technologies is an oversight that must be corrected, said researcher Nneka Odenigbo. She also critiqued the government’s plans to create a centralized database of citizens’ identification information:

According to the findings, the proliferation of databases for citizen information increases the opportunity for illegal access to citizens’ and personal data

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