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Governing ID: Use of Digital ID for Verification

– Centre for Internet and Society India (CIS)

The first case study evaluation of digital identity governance from Shruti Trikanad and Amber Sinha of the Centre for the Internet and Society, India

Trikanad and Sinha’s first case study surveys the use of digital identity programmes for verification in Kenya, India, and Estonia. 

This paper takes some of the academic, and especially legal, debates surrounding Good ID and applies these abstract discussions to real-life case studies on how verification works in practice. 

By analyzing rule of law tests, rights-based tests, and risk-based tests, the authors are able to explore these cases of verification from every angle.

Both forms of verification necessarily involve excluding frauds and duplicands from the system. In cases where the digital identity system does not work in the way intended, there are clear exclusionary impacts of such uses

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