@GoodID Twitter Chats: #GoodID team wants your views

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  • By Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 10 October 2019

Unfold Stories are hosting a series of online chats about Good ID, supported by Omidyar Network. These chats are open, public debates about key issues that matter most to you and your peers in the #GoodID movement

So far, chats have asked: "what would make today’s identity tech good for people?", "how can we ensure Good ID reflects a right-based lens?", and "how can research and evidence shape Good ID?".

The Twitter chats have explored start-ups and different technologies impacting the global digital ID landscape, how and when human rights defenders should engage in the policy decisions and design of Good ID, if there are aspects of Good ID that are applicable everywhere, and much more.

Now the #GoodID team wants to know: what do you want to discuss next?

More chats will be happening soon, and we want your input!

Tell the team what you would like to debate in future Twitter chats by using the website's contact form or tweeting us on @GoodID.