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Good Digital ID Needs Great Data Protection

– World Bank

Why stringent safeguards around privacy and security must be in place for digital ID systems, and what the World Bank is doing to promote these measures

The authors outline how digital ID schemes can further governments’ delivery of essential services, while improving their accessibility and transparency. But the digitization of data can carry risks to people’s personal information, so both legal regulation and technical designs must ensure the maximum level of privacy and security.

“Data protection and privacy by design are core elements of a trust framework that ensures that data are accessed, processed, or shared by and with authorized users for pre-specified purposes that have been agreed in advance.”

The article outlines examples of where the World Bank’s Identification for Development (ID4D) initiative has made a concerted effort to build inclusive ID systems based on privacy by design, in order to further sustainable development.

In Nigeria, the Bank is supporting the Government to develop a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework for data protection and privacy, including the establishment of a data protection commission to enforce the provisions of the law. The Bank is also providing technical assistance for a revamped enrollment system with privacy by design at its core

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