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The Global Data Responsibility Imperative

– Mastercard

  • Report
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 14 February 2020

In this whitepaper, Mastercard outlines how responsible data use and ethical data practices encourage economic growth and protect the privacy of individuals

Mastercard outlines its vision and strategy for practicing Good ID, by focusing on the principles of  user control, security, accountability, transparency, and privacy.

"This paper presents a vision of how Mastercard believes data can be leveraged in a responsible and secure way to drive relevant benefits for individuals and society. It posits that individuals hold certain data rights and explains why data responsibility is a business and moral imperative."

Mastercard also presents its vision for responsible and secure data use that will benefit individuals and society, claiming how individuals hold data rights and proposing a model framework for organisations to access individuals’ data to make business decisions, while upholding those rights.

Data is more than just a valuable business asset; principled, moral data practices are a corporate responsibility. In the long run, companies that build trust through principled uses of data – even when there is a short-term cost – will be best suited to thrive in a data-driven economy

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