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Giving Voice to Digital Identities Worldwide

– Secure Identity Alliance

How digital identities can be used to further human rights across the globe, and recommendations for best practice

This report highlights how digital identity schemes can provide people with immediate and secure access to public service, which can greatly enhance social and economic inclusion for marginalized groups. However, it also warns of the potential dangers of exacerbating existing divides when people are excluded from these systems. Recommendations for how this can be avoided include:

“Consult and take into account the needs of specific populations to develop inclusive solutions and processes (verbal solutions based on call centers, reverse QR codes, native accessibility functions for older populations, offline validation, etc.), and maintain physical alternatives.”

The report also outlines other key ideas which arise in the development of identity systems, and gives guidelines as to how these issues can be approached in a successful and user-centric way, with descriptions of use-cases to support its recommendations.

To deliver on the promise [of digital ID], however, the findings from this research highlight the vital importance of initiating mobile ID schemes that are built on a robust and trusted digital identity framework

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