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Give Us Your Poor, Your Unidentified Masses

– Global Data Justice

Thoughts from Global Data Justice on attending Identity Week 2021

The Global Data Justice team outline their impressions of the identity conference in London in which professionals from the private sector, government, and multilateral organizations come together for panels and showcases on developments in ID technology.

“Asked whether it was preferable to 'firewall' different sets of records from each other in order to reduce security vulnerabilities in lower-income countries, industry participants argued that a single, centralized identity record made it easier for the private sector to build services and functions into the system."

The authors note that questions around appropriate governance in the identity sector are critical and much attention should be paid to this issue, especially due to the risks stemming from the use of digital technologies during the pandemic.

One key concern for the project is the notion of ‘sector transgressions’ — that is opportunistic yet ultimately illegitimate technological innovation during the public health crisis whereby commercial players use the pandemic to extend their offerings into new sectors

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