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Get Ready For ‘Micro-Identities’; The Biggest Little Thing In ID Protection


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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 18 August 2021

The introduction of micro-identities will play a key role in the shift to digital environments

Micro-identities are the product of divided data, enabling users to separate personal and professional digital IDs. The potential of micro-identities in society’s digital transformation is explored in this interview-style article with Carey O’Conner Kolaja, the CEO of AU10TIX. She believes this digital transformation is permanent, therefore solutions to prevent fraudsters and conceal personal data will be vital.

"As the micro-identities take shape, then, a consumer might conceivably have a social identity, a financial identity, a behavioral identity and never shall they meet."

Data is often more valuable to fraudsters than financial transactions. Currently, businesses receive more data than they need. Micro-identities will therefore limit their access to necessary data. O’Conner Kolaja stresses the need for governments and tech bodies to work together to ensure safety, security, and freedom in society's digital development.

That means giving an individual control over their identity so they can make the choices of what to release and when — and revoke access when they no longer want to have a relationship with a secondary party or a third party

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