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German Startup Pitches Decentralized ID for Prescription Pickup During COVID-19

– Coindesk

A Berlin-based company has created a decentralized identity solution for requesting prescriptions during COVID-19

With in-person appointments impossible due to social distancing, there is a need for digital and secure identity verification. German company, Spherity, has developed a self-sovereign solution, which allows doctors to check patients’ digital credentials and issue electronic prescriptions.

“Like many complex engineering transformations that would normally take months or years to complete, the coronavirus pandemic is kick-starting solutions for the coming weeks.”

Spherity’s protype is an example of self-sovereign identity, meaning users control their data and can share it without putting their privacy at risk.

The next digital step would be connecting the patient’s wallet to an online pharmacy. Given the risks of contagion and the need to reduce traffic on critical infrastructure, urgent social distancing is the spur to push forward e-medicine

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