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Photo: Shutterstock.com / Khwanchai Phanthong

German Identity Verifier IDnow Acquires France’s ARIADNEXT For $59 Million

– TechCrunch

German company IDnow has bought a French identity verification firm, paving the way for expansion

IDnow has stated that through merging the two companies, it will be able to provide a full service ID operation, harnessing AI technology, and digital in-person transactions.

"IDnow offers its services in the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Romania and other international markets, and says it expects to increase revenue 3x in 2021 versus 2019."

IDnow notes that the market for its products has more than doubled in the past year as the pandemic has forced many companies to go remote.

Guillaume Despagne, president of ARIADNEXT, said: ‘We are looking forward to joining a team of IDnow’s caliber, combining our experience and skills to work toward our shared vision of providing a pan-European secure and future-proof solution to customers’

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