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GDPR, Data Portability and Data About Multiple People

– Open Data Institute

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  • 11 February 2020

Research from technology studio IF explores what happens to the right to data portability when the data being ‘ported’ is about multiple people

In this 2018 report, IF - which specialises in ethical and practical uses of data - publishes findings on the sharing of data gathered from multiple people.

The aim of IF’s UK-based research was to explore attitudes towards data portability - including the perceived value and  challenges that come from transferring data between services.

As IF explains:

Data portability represents an opportunity for new products and services, but also raises some difficult questions – questions we don’t think companies or governments are thinking about deeply enough yet. This offers an opportunity for those who do, to develop a competitive advantage.

The report includes a wealth of insights for anyone involved in digital ID and recommends that policy-makers think beyond the implementation of GDPR to the next generation of data protection policy:

Policy-makers can help create the right conditions to facilitate the design of services that are respectful of the rights of multiple people… and forge industry standards for data portability that safeguard people’s rights over data.

The authors also observe that the UK’s strong legal system is well-placed to seize this opportunity, by setting international standards around creating services that respect the rights of multiple people.

We believe a new approach to service design is required: one that considers the needs and relationships of multiple people from the outset

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