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Gateway to the World

– Liminal

How Covid is impacting digital transactions

In this podcast, Cameron D’Ambrosi interviews Shaun Moore - CEO of facial recognition company Trueface, and Patrick Flanagan - COO of security solutions company Pangiam. They discuss how Covid has accelerated the digital transition and how software can improve trust and equality during this.

“The technology is cutting edge, and we’ve seen it used for both good and evil. It was really important to us that our legacy in the market, as innovators in facial recognition, was on the good side of history.”

The trio conclude on the need for transparency, public open debate, and cooperation between governments, business, and the public. As Patrick Flanagan explains:

Ultimately, we believe in the consumer having a choice and articulating their perspective on what happens with their identity. Our vision is that the consumer will lead this public discourse, but recognizing that the government has a vital role to play here in keeping the rules of the road transparent for all parties, that companies have obligations as they seek to improve it

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