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The Future of Identity - Looking Ahead to the 2020s

– Forbes Technology Council

A prediction of upcoming developments and challenges as digital identity use escalates

The author states that in the future, it will be more common for identities to be authenticated through biometrics, or behavioral biometrics (verifying who someone is by their movements or location.) These forms of ID may make fraud more difficult in the short-term, but security will always be a pressing issue.

“We believe we’ll see more bad actors using deepfakes to try to spoof biometric verification in the future. Our defense methods will have to continuously evolve.”

Biometrics also brings with it concerns about privacy, data breaches, and the risks of collating such information. The author poses decentralized forms of identity as a solution to this:

A decentralized solution will give back users control of their identities while providing one-touch access. Essentially, everyone in the world will own and control the use of their own legal identity

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