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The Future of Digital Identity

– U.K. Government Digital Service

The U.K. Government’s new Director for Digital Identity, Lisa Barrett, outlines her priorities to get the balance right for both users and identity providers

In this blog for Britain’s Government Digital Service, Lisa Barrett shares her agenda as she embarks on her task to shape the role of GOV.UK Verify – the country’s flagship digital identity program.

She quickly highlights the importance of digital identity for today’s citizens in trying to access both public and private services, and flags one of her key concerns to make digital identity user-centric, or as she puts it: “we need to get this right for people.”

At the opposite end of the spectrum, she also recognizes the need to work with, and understand the needs of, identity providers to meet this aim – seeking a collaborative approach to work towards a shared, better digital identity service.

Barrett also touches on another of the key cornerstones of Good ID: the need for safe and secure digital identity systems that also protects individual’s data and rights.

Digital identity is a vital issue not only for government transformation, but also for users who benefit from a safe, effective and functioning digital economy underpinned by strong digital identity solutions. They also need to know their data is safe and being used in the right way

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