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Future of Digital Identity - Report Launch

– Future Agenda

This report by Future Agenda, led by Dr. Robin Pharoah, James Alexander, and Patrick Harris, and funded by Mastercard, reviews the findings of the “The Future of Digital Identity” programme which included a series of global workshops and insight gathering with 120 experts

By consulting an array of experts, decision-makers and stakeholders in the digital identity field, Future Agenda set forth conclusions on addressing and mitigating the current challenges of a fragmented digital identity ecosystem.

The findings include insights about potential for individual agency and empowerment, opportunities for key influencers to create true interoperability, the major influence current stakeholders will hold on future decisions, a warning of future unintended consequences, and the social constructive nature of digital identity.

Digital ID, today understood as how we can prove that we are who we say we are, will likely become the primary mechanism through which we construct our digital selves and engage with and inhabit tomorrow’s digital spaces

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