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Forget Apple And Google: Contact-Tracing Apps Just Dealt Serious New Blow

– Forbes

A look at the low adoption rates for contact-tracing apps, which harms their effectiveness at combating the spread of coronavirus

The author points out how privacy concerns have meant people are less likely to use these apps, despite their potential benefits. While Apple and Google’s operating systems to run the apps adhere to their privacy guidelines, according to health services in France and the UK, this makes them less effective.

“The more you water down the system to protect an individual’s data, the less chance you have of driving effective outcomes. You can’t have it both ways - either you want to stem infection rates or you want to safeguard data.”

At least 80% of people who own a smartphone need to use an app to ensure it is effective, experts have said. The author argues that this will not happen unless there is a law requiring people to use it, and cites Singapore, which previously had an optional app but has now had to move to a much harsher surveillance program.

Without mandatory usage, linkage to an end-to-end track and test program and penalties for failure to adhere, the apps will not be effective

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