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Five Ways to Address the Risk of Digital Identity Sprawl

– ITProPortal

How IT professionals can keep their organizations safe from cyberattacks through identity management

This article explains that because of ‘identity sprawl’ - where identities held by businesses are fragmented and often duplicated - they are more susceptible to cyberattacks than ever before, as criminals find more avenues for attack.

“In addition, this ‘identity sprawl’ also increases the likelihood that users will reuse their passwords across different services, leaving organizations even more vulnerable to credential spying, while also undermining their efforts to focus on best practices.”

However, by ensuring that organizations centralize their identities, only grant the minimum permissions for users to perform a required task, and immediately revoke these access rights once they are no longer needed, IT professionals can greatly reduce the risk of a cyberattack.

Without more effective protection, there remains a very real risk that cybercriminals will continue to focus on the vulnerabilities caused by the explosion in the volume of machine and human identities

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