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Fintech Collaboration on the Cards for Australia's Digital Identity

– ZDNet

In this news article, reporter Asha Barbaschow relays the upcoming biometric-based digital identity system made possible in Australia through cross-governmental cooperation

As Barbaschow reports, Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), the Australian Taxation Office, Department of Home Affairs, the Department of Foreign Affairs, and Trade and Services Australia have worked together to develop the national digital identity, which has been piloted for years and is now ready for testing of its biometric component.

“In a submission to the Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology, the DTA said it has successfully connected and tested new software products that allow an individual to compare their selfie to the photo on their passport, proving that biometric digital identity is achievable.”

Barbaschow also notes the government has worked on the “Trusted Digital Identity Framework” to authenticate and verify identity providers, including but not limited to government services.

The DTA said over time, it is envisaged that the focus on open standards and strong collaboration between the Australian Payments Council and the DTA would mean that an individual could have the option of using a single service provider to access both public and private sector services

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