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FG Approves Activation of New SIM Registration with Mandatory NIN

– Nigerian Tribune

The Nigerian government has approved the linking of SIM card registration with National Identity Numbers (NINs)

The Federal Government of Nigeria has brought in the final amendments to a revised policy regarding the formulation, determination, and monitoring of the general policy for the communications sector.

The Federal Government has approved the activation of new SIM registration with Mandatory National Identity Number (NIN) in line with the Revised National Digital Identity Policy for SIM card registration.

Holding a NIN will be key to utilizing the new system, while for corporate registration, companies will be required to appoint a Telecoms Master to manage all NINs and SIM registrations.

The final amendments to the revised Policy based on the directives of Mr President to make the use of NIN mandatory for all SIM registration were completed yesterday, April 14, 2021

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